From our beginnings as a specialized provider of independent, unbiased and innovative financial and strategic solutions, the Macallan Capital Group now also leverages our substantial experience in the Asian markets to source, supply, and finance trading positions in some of the world’s most sought-after minerals, metals and other bulk commodities.

We consistently respond to our clients’ growing sophistication by focusing on our core strengths — knowledge of our markets, innovative thinking, and professional structuring and execution.

The prior experience of our core team at leading investment banks and trading houses brings global perspective and international standards to all of our activities, together with a detailed understanding of our clients’ business and investment needs.

As our businesses continue to expand across both products and markets, the Group is well placed to strengthen our reputation as the trusted partner of major producers and consumers throughout Asia and beyond.

Our financial advisory and capital-raising businesses provide bespoke solutions and sources of funding to businesses, projects and investment portfolios across the region:
Corporate Financial Advisory
We advise our clients on strategic financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and restructuring, to optimize their financial position and achieve their objectives.
Capital Raising
We raise the necessary capital to support our clients’ growth and financial needs, taking a leading role in the advisory and coordination of fund-raising in traditional, alternative and transition financing solutions, including equity, senior and subordinated debt and hybrid instruments.
Structured Finance
We cater to the needs of investors seeking tailored exposure to different types of cash flows and risk characteristics, with a track record of innovative structured products designed to meet specific investment objectives and risk profiles.
Project Finance
We understand and structure non-recourse funding packages for the financing of large scale industrial and infrastructure projects. This has been a key offering of the Macallan Capital Group since our inception.
Trade Finance
We work alongside our commodities businesses to develop credit lines and other financing instruments for international trade on both a principal and agency basis, including the negotiation of letters of credit and other trade documentation.
In our trading businesses, we help our partners efficiently and cost-effectively source, transport, and manage their supply chains with a range of services:
Sourcing and Procurement
We source minerals from various mines and suppliers, and negotiate prices and terms of sale;
Transportation and Logistics
We charter and manage transportation of cargoes along the whole value chain from producer to end-user, including arrangements for loading and unloading, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations;
Quality Control
We consistently check our products’ quality to ensure that they meet the required specifications and are suitable for their intended use;
We work with both our clients and suppliers to structure every trade with the most appropriate financing options, including credit terms, working capital facilities and tax considerations;
Risk Management
We bring significant experience in risk management, such as hedging against price fluctuations, managing credit risk, and providing insurance;
Market Intelligence
We provide market intelligence and analysis to our clients and suppliers, such as price trends, supply and demand dynamics, and regulatory changes.

Our Value Proposition

In the competitive environments in which we operate, the Macallan Capital Group builds financial and trading relationships which span the whole of the value chain.

The Group’s ability to support you with financing to  secure the best terms and pricing, and to do so with innovative structuring, is a key competitive advantage from which you can achieve your objectives.

In our advisory assignments, we strive to frame your objectives with precision and work closely with you to develop solutions that can achieve your goals within appropriate return and risk management parameters.

In our trading activities, we achieve this strategic target by securing your materials requirements from suppliers of high repute, and we ensure that these valuable cargoes are delivered in accord with the demanding schedules necessary to meet your needs.


A sustainable future requires collaboration across sectors and stakeholders. The Macallan Group favours mitigating solutions for the environment as far as possible to drive progress towards sustainability:

Increased Production

A just transition to a more sustainable world is a key focus of the Group. This requires a significant increase in the production of minerals and mined products. This will create new opportunities for producers, as well as for companies involved in the development of clean energy technologies.

Access to Investment Capital

Many traditional companies and consumers are committed to the transition to sustainable technologies, but lack access to the transition financing to make this happen. The Macallan Group can provide financing for sustainability initiatives such as energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy installations, or sustainable transportation projects. By financing these projects, we help our clients transition to a more sustainable future.

Best Practices

The Macallan Group promotes its partners towards best practices in environmental and social sustainability, including guidance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving resource efficiency, and managing social impacts.

Reporting & Transparency

Businesses that are committed to sustainability should be transparent about their environmental and social impacts. We encourage our clients to adopt transparent reporting practices and to hold themselves accountable to meeting their ESG goals.