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Whither the Commodities Supercycle?

Goldman Sachs foresees robust returns in 2024 on commodities, especially in energy (primarily oil) and industrial metals like copper and aluminium, based on their long-held belief in the commodities supercycle.


New Initiatives to Prevent Greenwashing in 2024

In its preliminary report, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) outlined risks and possible remedial actions for issuers, investment managers, benchmarks, and investment service providers - the entities identified as most at risk to greenwashing.


Global ESG Bond Supply: Slowing down in 2024?

What are the key issues causing headwinds for the ESG bond market as we move into 2024? Here are four main challenges predicted by the ING Global Markets Research.


The Republic of Indonesia’s Support for Development of a World Class Nickel Industry

Previously characterised by a fragmented value chain, these efforts aim to add value to Indonesia’s nickel resources, promote domestic processing, attract investments, and create employment opportunities.


Aluminium – Indonesia’s Next Frontier

Indonesian government has now set its sights on aluminium, with the development of a national aluminum industry as the next priority in keeping more of the mineral’s value within the national economy.


The Outlook for Electric Vehicle Manufacture and Adoption in South‑east Asia

Driven by global efforts to diversify supply chains and to adopt green technology, South‑east Asia is focused on the opportunity for Electric Vehicle (EV) production.